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Sober Industries Video's.

Sober Industries, a one-stop experimental marketing and production company that specializes in bringing innovative ideas to life. With over 15 years of international experience, we have a proven track record of executing successful concepts for companies and individuals alike. More projects below.

Projectmapping Louwman Museum

Wanting to projection map a car, the Louwman Museum in The Hague is where you find the most beautiful and unique cars in our region. We asked them if it was possible to projection map a car for them as this is something we hadn't done before and is the best location to do this. The Museum was pleased for with our idea, and the result, as it has brought a new concept to the museum. It was their idea to projection map on the oldest Toyota car in the world known to exist and for all we know is the only one left in the entire world. The Toyota AA was produced from 1936 to 1943 and was fitted with a 3.3-litre, 62 hp six-cylinder engine.


We took the challenge and with a setup of two projectors within just two days we developed the result seen in this video. This antique car, produced from 1936 to 1943, is now fitted with a modern skin and is currently on display for the upcoming two weeks, starting today! (May 30th 2013)


Special thanks to the Louwman Museum:

Skills: Project mapping

Art Maimi 2014

In 2014 we went to Miami, to attend the Art Basel event in Wynwood. Our friends from ASA (Amsterdam Street Art) Hosted there Outdoor Gallery,


We had the pleasure the expose some Artworks. which after the event. some of it went to LA & Some stayed in MIAMI, @ Brisky Gallery & Exacti Science Gallery. And we had the pleasure that Will Smit, Added its Welcome To miami Track. ;)

Skills: Art / Sculptures / Murals / Project mapping

Tim Boin Art - Geometry is Life exhibition at W South Beach

‘The Dutch Master of Light’ artist Tim Boin finally had his first solo exhibition. For this special occasion during Artweek Miami 2019 he choose the W South Beach as venue for his exhibition ‘Geometry is Life’. Tim Boin his art is mainly focussed on geometry and light. For his exhibition Tim specially designed a futuristic, visual sensory experience to capture realism in the subject using geometric designs. The ‘Geometry is Life’ exhibition consist out of 3 separate categories, capturing the following elements: Natural Lights, Enhanced Light and Artificial Light. Each artwork capture the balance between geometry, light and the spirit of the subject as if it were to come alive.

This project has been produced and deployed by creative production company Sober Industries. During this project Sober Industries has te responsibility for the artwork production, event organization and artwork installation on location at W South Beach.

For more information please check 

Skills: Sculptures / Project mapping

Extrema Outdoor BE

Last weekend was the last of our series of 4 festivals with the Extrema Family! Extrema Outdoor Belgium, the first edition of the festival in Belgium, and again we hosted our Bohemian Temple stage! We want to thank Extrema for this amazing opportunity! We hosted our Bohemian Temple Stage 4 times in 3 different countries and it was a wonderful trip. We met a lot of beautiful people and got a lot of love. Thanks to everybody who supported us!

Big shout out to the 'EIGENWIJS' Boys!!

Skills: Music / Project mapping

EFR business week

As we did the openingsshow in 2012 we were asked to do it again in 2013. We developed custom animations and visuals to support the opening congress of the EFR Business week at the Erasmus University. We projected our visuals on the full stage and the venues back-wall by combining two high end projectors. We developed the intro show and custom visuals to support the presentations, which were triggered live during the event. "The EFR-Business Week is one of the most professional and prestigious student organized conferences in Europe. Every year around April, the EFR-Business Week takes place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and other locations in the Netherlands and Europe. This year’s theme is ‘Spark’."


Special Thanks to:

  • EFR Business Week committee

  • Erasmus University

  • Technical support on location

Skills: Project mapping

Solar Weekend Festival 2012

For This years Solar Weekend Festival we went all out! We had the chance to be part of Solar's characteristic center piece. So the stakes were high. Create our own festival within the festival... Sober developed an all-encompassing concept. Including Stage design, line-up, smaller creative projects, video mapped vj-show and the total production of the project.


After last years clean pyramid design, we wanted to get more of the Solar Weekend Festival feel into this years project and work more with waste materials. In the weeks before the festival we designed and worked out several artworks which had to be the center pieces of the design.


For the rest we took a lot of scrap materials to the site and worked our magic. Inside the structure we created several small spaces in which the smaller projects housed. The 'Handjob' girls gave away free hand massages. Igor's Sailor bar was an Russian sailors inspired, illegal vodka bar, we had our own merchandise shop and the Tegendraads embroidery counter.

Skills: Art / Sculptures / Music / Murals / Project mapping

'Momentum' by Said Kinos

Recap video of our newest exhibition at our gallery: ‘Momentum’ by Said Kinos. Thanks again to everybody for joining us and massive respect for Said Kinos for all the hard work. Video & edit by

Skills: Art

Maimi Wynwood

'Dutch Finest Artists' exhibition in Wynwood, Miami

Last December during Artweek Miami 2019 our Sober Collective Art Gallery organized a street art exhibition titled ‘ Dutch Finest Artists’ at their pop up gallery in Wynwood, Miami. Thanks to all the artists who participated during this exhibition.

Skills: Art / Sculptures / Music / Murals / Project mapping

Awareness art x Tim Boin Art

Recap video of our newest exhibition at our gallery: ‘Momentum’ by Said Kinos. Thanks again to everybody for joining us and massive respect for Said Kinos for all the hard work. Video & edit by

Skills: Art

'ART at the WAREHOUSE' art fair

Sober Industries at 'ART at the WAREHOUSE' art fair Fenixloods1, Katendracht, Rotterdam

Skills: Art / Sculptures / Project mapping

MTV, Sportlife Vibes Unbox Your Freshness Challenge

Sober Industries won the Sportlife Vibes unbox your freshness challenge and was filmed for one day. In only three hours we build a sculpture that was later project mapped by Studio Rewind and Matthias Oostrik. MTV filmed the day for their show 'MTV Was Here'. Check this video for some behind the scene footage

Skills: Art

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