Welcome into the future’ Sober Industries x Studio Rewind

Sober Industries and Studio Rewind took the Tiger mapping project to another level. For the ‘Rotterdamse Museumnacht2011’ we build 2 large sculptures. Both sculptures were projected with mapped visuals. New in this project was the interactive part. The spectators were able to control the visuals projected by a custom made cubicle with motion sensors and buttons. By tilting the cubicle the color of the visuals changed and the buttons were used to skip through the visuals and to create other effects like blending and scratching. The sculptures are made entirely out of wood and can be disassembled to smaller pieces which are more easy to transport.

( @5083r on twitter
Tim Boin
Basto Elbers
Daniel Bruning

Bruce Moerdjiman
Auke Kruithof

The following partners supported us in this project:
Blaak 10 Gallery & Store
Human Centered ICT
Rotterdamse museumnacht


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