Opening of H&M Beursplein, The largest flagship store in Europe from SOBER-INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.

Opening of H&M Beursplein, The largest flagship store in Europe

October 15th 2014, the largest H&M flagship store opened it’s doors in Rotterdam, and as we are proud citizens of this city we were excited to be part in the production of the event. We were asked by H&M to design a series of sculptures of which one was to project on the openings presentation for the gathered crowd. We came up with four different heart shape geometric designs for the smaller parts and a massive abstract geometric sculpture for the presentation. The abstract shapes hid three diamonds, which referred to the three diamonds Rotterdam was becoming richer by opening The H&M store with a shop in shop Weekday and Monki, and a large heart shape as well.

With limited time and resources we managed to develop spectaculair content based on the shapes and forms of the 3d sculptures, using submitted imagery. The presentation was the official start of the openings event and acted as an introduction of the three new stores, H&M, Monki and Weekday.


Immediately after the final visual was projected on the object our friends from Brandwerk took over the stage. They started with a slow track but took of from there and managed to get the crowd going. One of the Brandwerk co-producers, Deon Custom delivered the music used in the visual presentation we developed.

We are very proud and happy to have been a part of this project, which is for both ourselves and the city of Rotterdam a big addition.


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