Buma Music in Motion Awards 2012

Buma Music in Motion Awards

Buma is the authority on Dutch music copyright licenses. Thereby they host several award shows for professionals in the Music business, ranging from bands to DJ’s to composers for applied music. The Buma Music in Motion awards is an annually award show for musicians in the applied music business, such as commercials, games and television series.

This years edition Sober Industries realized the motion content for the award show in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. We showed our visuals during the show on six large screens, three on both sides of the venue. Thereby we projection mapped the Buma Music in Motion logo behind the speakers podium.

Special Thanks to:

Buma Cultuur
Vincent (Shobba.) de Corte – Music and audio support

» www.bumamusicinmotion.com


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