Team Sober Industries

Our Approach

Sober stands for a sincere and honest way of working, both in commissioned and personal projects.

We do not focus specifically on one segment of the creative market. From painting on canvas, to the hosting of our own festival stage, to develop high end custom stage shows for well known artists, to design and place a permanent statue. For everything that has a link to creativity and art… Sober Industries does it all!

One of our main goals is to constantly keep developing ourselves more and more, both in generating concepts as in execution. To do this we are constantly updating ourselves in new technology, try new technics and mediums and combinations of all those aspects. And if we cannot do it ourselves, our extensive creative network provides us with all we need, to deliver. Thereby we offer our clients a professional costumer- and project management.

Meanwhile the brand Sober Industries is not only known in our own country but is picked up at international level by our projects.


Meet the Team